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Four Corners 4×4’s Finish – 2013 Season

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:DURANGO, CO - Jason Kaminsky and Richard Jenkins with the 4x4 endurance racing team Four Corners 4x4 recently concluded their 2013 season with a second place finish at the Dirt Riot National Championship held in Bridgeport, Texas.  The team has been competing in the series for the last two years and this year [...]

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Four Corners 4×4 takes on the Smitty Built Challenge

      We met up with Jason a couple of Saturdays ago. Our purpose was to donate some hours to a Jeep that means a lot to all of us in the Four Corners. One of our guys is going to be out there racing in one of the largest off-road race events you can be [...]

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Harold’s Highway Memorial Trail

We set out with the Rat Pack to remember and honor a legend in the sport of four wheelin. He was family, a friend, a mentor, and a valued member of our community. It is obvious that he touched many people. It  really showed! We had the entrance of Chokecherry Canyon packed with rigs in [...]

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4 Corners 4×4 Show and Swap

The Show and Swap went off with a bang. I quit counting at about two thousand people. Allen Elmore, Steve Melloy, and I threw this event. It was a Cliffhangers 4 wheel drive club event that was thrown to re-coop some of the money we spent consulting for land use. Had we not done this [...]

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Canyon Clean Up Fall 2011

Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic is what we learn in school. What we don't learn is common sense... if you have to dump go to the land fill!!! As we turn to the fall each year we meet up with our local BLM Field Office to clean up the Glade. It boggles my mind that people [...]

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Welcome to 4×4 Tricks

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We were very excited to get out to Johnson Valley, California for the 2012 Griffin King of the Hammers. Finally we were going to see one of the epic races of the year. Our view into Hammer-town from the burbs was great, because each night you could look down onto a giant cloud of dust. [...]

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To all who love Chokecherry Canyon and love to wheel there, We are in need of your help!!! Here is what we figured out when he went to the BLM public meeting. Below you will find the information leading to that meeting. We have a comment to submit and need your name, address, and email [...]

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Jason Kaminsky and Richard Jenkins with Four Corners 4x4 recently returned from their participation in the W.E.R.O.C.K Dirt Riot Offroad Endurance race held on June 15th.   The event took place at Ram Off Road Park located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The course consisted of a little over three miles worth of sandy jumps, tight turns, [...]

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