Test and Tune

A good group of people came together to test and tune their rigs before the Glen Helen race on the 22nd. The idea came up when Allen and I were at Car Works to invite them to the Show and Swap. It seemed to come together well. We all had a great time. Darryl Dunlap [...]

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Harold’s Highway Memorial Trail

We set out with the Rat Pack to remember and honor a legend in the sport of four wheelin. He was family, a friend, a mentor, and a valued member of our community. It is obvious that he touched many people. It  really showed! We had the entrance of Chokecherry Canyon packed with rigs in [...]

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4 Corners 4×4 Show and Swap

The Show and Swap went off with a bang. I quit counting at about two thousand people. Allen Elmore, Steve Melloy, and I threw this event. It was a Cliffhangers 4 wheel drive club event that was thrown to re-coop some of the money we spent consulting for land use. Had we not done this [...]

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Canyon Clean Up Fall 2011

Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic is what we learn in school. What we don't learn is common sense... if you have to dump go to the land fill!!! As we turn to the fall each year we meet up with our local BLM Field Office to clean up the Glade. It boggles my mind that people [...]

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Welcome to 4×4 Tricks

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