2014 Everyman Challenge at the Griffin King of the Hammers


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Jason Kaminsky and Richard Jenkins with Four Corners 4×4 recently returned from their participation in the Smittybilt Every Man Challenge Ultra4 Stock Class endurance race held on February 6th.   The event took place at the Johnson Valley OHV Area in California’s Mojave Desert.  After a random draw started Kaminsky and Jenkins at the rear of the field in 22nd position, they maneuvered through the pack to finish 10th in an elapsed time of 8 hours 59 minutes.  FC4x4 StartDue to the difficulty of the course, fewer than half of the racers completed the course in the allotted time limit of ten hours.  Declared as the hardest one-day off road endurance race in the world, the course consisted of approximately 120 miles of high-speed desert segments across sand washes, washboard roads, dry lakebeds and 11 of the country’s most challenging rock crawling trails.
FC4x4trail“While we were hopeful for a podium finish this year, I have to remind myself that just completing the course within the time limit is a huge accomplishment,” reflects Kaminsky.  “We have a competitive, reliable vehicle, but the rear start and one fueling issue put us behind a lot of traffic on the difficult rock trails.”  DSC_0529In addition to the obvious difficulty of the terrain, Ultra4 Racing follows a strict “no-chase” policy, meaning no outside assistance is allowed.  Any service or repairs to the race car must be attended to on course or in the pits.  Kaminsky’s support team manned four remote pit areas throughout the course, although stops were made at only two of these for routine fueling and vehicle checks.  “Endurance racing is a team sport.  We couldn’t have fc4x4 sandmade it without all of our sponsors and the volunteer labor that went into the vehicle before and during the race event.”
The Four Corners 4×4 crew is looking forward to competing in select events throughout both the Ultra4 Racing and Dirt Riot Endurance Racing 2014 seasons.
For additional news and information about the Four Corners 4×4 team DSC_0533throughout the 2014 season and four-wheel drive racing and recreation, follow them at http://www.facebook.com/fourcorners4x4.
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Four Corners 4×4’s Finish – 2013 Season

Departing for the NationalsDURANGO, CO – Jason Kaminsky and Richard Jenkins with the 4×4 endurance racing team Four Corners 4×4 recently concluded their 2013 season with a second place finish at the Dirt Riot National Championship held in Bridgeport, Texas.  ReadyThe team has been competing in the series for the last two years and this year took home the 1st Place National Champion title in the 4600 Ultra4 stock class.  This was in addition to wins in the Mountain Series and Central Series and a second-place title in the Southwest Series.  TechThis weekend’s event, held at Northwest OHV Park, attracted over 70 racers from across the country in various classes such as 4400, 4500, 4600, UTV, & Sportsman’s classes.
Muddy Pre-Running“I am really proud of my team’s accomplishments these past two years.  We have started every single scheduled event and finished eleven out of the thirteen races,” noted Kaminsky.  This is an achievement considering that this type of racing typically lose one-third to one-half of the field due to mechanical failure.  “We have built, tested, and maintained a top-tier race vehicle and we are ready to improve upon our successes in the upcoming 2014 season.”Wiring
The team also debuted a new color scheme and graphics layout for the race car at the event.  The 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited will next be seen at the 2013 SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada during the first week of November.  Following this exhibit, the team will start preparing for the 2014 King of the Hammers Everyman Challenge where the team will compete for their third time in front of an estimated 30,000 off road racing fans in the hardest off road endurance race in the U.S.
Race dayFor additional news and information about Four Corners 4×4 and four-wheel drive racing and recreation, visit them at http://www.facebook.com/fourcorners4x4.
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Four Corners 4×4 takes on the Smitty Built Challenge

      We met up with Jason a couple of Saturdays ago. Our purpose was to donate some hours to a Jeep that means a lot to all of us in the Four Corners. One of our guys is going to be out there racing in one of the largest off-road race events you can be part of anywhere! A guy who has wheeled with us, someone who has taken his rig to the limit, and a person who knows the point of no return. The 2012 Griffin King of the Hammers will fill a lake bed in Johnson Valley California during the first weeks of February. This year a stock class has been added. The 2012 Smittybuilt Everyman Challenge will be February 4th. As of this fall Jason was in 100%. He started a business called Four Corners 4×4 and has jobs lining up. Right now he is doing a very elaborate Jeep Wrangler JK. One of the additions will be a HEMI V8. Of coarse when you have a company that builds them why not race them. It's a great way to research products and brand your name. When it came to this race Jason had to find a rig, a lot of parts, a co-driver, and any good hands that could help along the way.           

      A hard choice had to be made. Even though Jason had built a machine that could handle all of the spills and thrills he still had to tear it down. The differentials and a few other parts were to go in the new rig, but a lot of it was sold as well. After some searching Jason found a two door wrangler unlimited. We went wheeling for the first time and you could see that it would only be a few weeks before the rig would go under major surgery. There was one person that would be needed for the race and that would be a co-driver. At first it seemed that there really wasn't anyone who could step up and pitch in. Some how Jason got Doug in the passenger seat. Doug opened some doors and that was all that Jason needed to get it all together.

      Josh was the first person to show and really put in time. He has been through the ringer when it comes to building rigs. It seems every time he has a great rig together he either breaks it down and builds it better or sells it. Welding is no problem for Josh at all! He is a certified welder. Let me tell you, his welds a very desirable. Fridays have been good for Josh to get away to Four Corners 4×4. Even while working a full time job, he still has the time to get up there and really put in some hours. Jason and Josh knocked out most of the cage and the suspension. They also took care of mounting things like the winch and the GPS unit. This is when Jason asked me what it would take to get Cody and I up to work on suspension, axles, and wiring.

      When Cody and I showed up to help there was still much to be done. One of the things that Jason had mentioned he needed was electrical work and lots of it. Cody is the man for that job. He is good and does a professional job. Everything he brings to the table is always the best quality. The vehicle had to be wired completely through a kill switch. The only two things that were to be directly wired to the battery was the I.R.C. Tracker and the winch. Everything else was re-routed to fit the rules of the race. Fresh air supply, radio communication, and the IRC tracker would be added when the rig got to the lake bed, but the wiring had to be ready. My job was to jump in where ever I could, so I jumped on axles. The rear was already torn down because the bearings needed to be pressed. Once we had the front end on a bench I immediately went to work. We tossed in some Yukon Super Joints in the front end and modified the brackets for the Clayton suspension kit when we went back together with it. After a very long day and into the A.M. hours of the next we had to take leave and drive back to Farmington. We would return the next Saturday, for there was a lot left that Cody had to do. I would be able to assist setting up suspension.

      When we showed up the next weekend Josh and Jason had all of the rear suspension tacked and in place. The front was mostly welded out. Cast iron is tricky to weld it's porous and impure. As experienced as Josh is he made these welds very strong and very clean. There were a few questions left that Jason was facing like tracking, drag link, and upper control arm location (which could affect the driveline). After setting the upper control arm and seating the springs, I sat down with him and we started measuring and checking the symmetry between the trac-bar and drag link. We found the location for the trac bar frame mount and got it into place. Once all of the links were in place we set the jeep gently back on all fours for the first time.

      We immediately got on the rear. We welded out the brackets and checked for loose ends. We tightened up all of the suspension bolts and jam nuts so that we could flex out the rig and find points in the body that needed to be trimmed for clearance. There are a few loose ends left like giving the axle truss another location to tie into. The rear housing has an extra plain to bolt into. It is machined into the pinion side of the third member. This reinforcement will keep the truss from braking off due to the torque load it will be under. I am sure Jason will get it together after the first shakedown.

      Once we had flexed it we looked around the vehicle. The focus was to see if anything was going to bottom out. Things like drive lines contacting control arms, or control arms contacting the frame could be detrimental to finishing a race like the Every Man Challenge. Some body trimming will be necessary. The jeep was flexed out enough to see contact points between the tires, fenders, and quarters. The drive lines and control arms turned out looking real good. This was about the last thing we did before leaving in the A.M. hours of the next day.

      So Cody and I have something like 30 hours into the project. Jason has countless hours into it. Josh spent his 21st birthday out on the City of Durango with Four Corners 4×4. He has spent almost every Friday and some Saturdays and Sundays on this project. When it comes to doing these projects we are thankful to have the friends that we do. Most people don't want to go back to work on their days off, but we motor-heads have to keep on cranking wrenches. We seek the adrenaline of rock crawling, racing, and even building these amazing machines. It is exhilarating to go from a torn down vehicle to a finished project like FC4x4's KOH rig. We are only days away from race day. Jason still has to get to the lake bed early to meet up with Bilstein. They will be working with Jason to get the perfect ride through valving and pressure. Good luck to Jason and Doug on their journey and the multiple races they will be part of.

4×4 Tricks Rick

Test and Tune

A good group of people came together to test and tune their rigs before the Glen Helen race on the 22nd. The idea came up when Allen and I were at Car Works to invite them to the Show and Swap. It seemed to come together well. We all had a great time. Darryl Dunlap brought out a sweet side by side. Randy and Cottin brought their Pro Class II truck out. Nick Nelson brought a nicely built Jimmy's car with the engine in the rear. Jeremy West brought out the new rig that they have worked so hard on. Joe put on a show, and had a killer cart-wheel roll!

The day started out with my crew setting up for video and sound. We provided a DJ (Donavan Amedeus), and a couple of guys for back up on video. We tried to get Phil's stock F150 that had some bypasses installed running so we could put on a stock show. He ran his Cherokee Classic and showed how well it works. He also pushed a Ranger with a blown motor over the jumps! The set up went well! We put the crowd, the BBQ grille, and the DJ in the in the infield so that they were front and center for the action. Shortly after the cars and the crew started rolling in.
We jumped them and bumped them, we rolled them and cartwheeled them. We didn't stop until the sun went down! Nick got some good tuning in. He was working on dialing the rear bypasses in for the race. Jeremy seemed to be setup quite well. His rig landed on one wheel off of a jump while Randy was riding with him. Jeremy nailed the throttle upon the landing and pulled out of what could have been another cartwheel for the day. These guys are ready to get out the small bugs and head to the race. I hope they all come in over the top!!!
Joe grabbed me at one point and says “it's your turn to drive!”.  Just to get to drive one of the cars that comes out of Jimmys Outback 4×4 is a great honor for me. I have been driving in the four wheel drive arena my whole life. To get to drive one of these rigs is a step above anything I have ever been in. I have driven Rock Ware and many others, but when it comes to Randy's crew… They put out multiple rigs that finish in the top ten at KOH (King of the Hammers) each year. When it comes to this race there are over 100 rigs in it and to come out with so many rigs at the top is a statement to say the least!
Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I know we did. Two of the guys had never seen anything like this. Needless to say they were impressed. Our DJ went for a ride and he was beside himself. I wouldn't mind them staying on board for events. Something rings through, what it is everyone has been thinking… Let's bring some events back to our area, and it's places like Car Works and Jimmy's Outback 4×4 who want to make this a reality. You hear people from out of the area saying “Wasn't there a race that happens here?” or “Oh this is where they have those rock crawling competitions.”.
The day ended with a bang, Phil made a nice spicy Gumbo that tasted awesome. He didn't go lite on the meat or the potatoes, which made it nice and filling. Truly food for the soul! Unfortunately good things sometimes have to come to an end and we realize it's back to realityville. We will put this together again. Hopefully it will be a bigger event with an incentive to push the cars to the limit. I will keep you informed!!!

4x4tricks Rick

Harold’s Highway Memorial Trail

We set out with the Rat Pack to remember and honor a legend in the sport of four wheelin. He was family, a friend, a mentor, and a valued member of our community. It is obvious that he touched many people. It  really showed! We had the entrance of Chokecherry Canyon packed with rigs in honor of a great man. Harold Off meant a lot to me and a many other people in our area and around the world. Shortly after my dad passed away he and Cody in a way took me in. I found out real quick that he had a lot of knowledge. When I would be working on a rig I always thought I knew the problem. Harold would walk up and tell me that something else was actually the problem. It didn’t take me long to figure out that most of the time he was correct. Eventually I would start to fix what he told me to and if that didn’t fix the problem we would go for a ride and discuss the problem. This is where I got to problem solve with him and I will never forget it.
Harold four wheeled with an elite group of extreme wheelers who come second to none. This group keeps going and going. You would not believe what a family they are! They take care of each other and when it comes to the trail, no one is left behind. With this group you do have to be well equipped and have the means to finish the trail. Jim told me that in a full week of wheelin Steve was the only one who hadn’t spilled over. Steve had a good story about some of his spills though. You know, no one is invincible but these guys come close. The rigs they drive make a statement and I saw that ridding passenger through town. These rigs will turn some heads.
When we got started we were a little concerned. Due to the caliber of the trail, we thought some might not make it very far. After the Trail Head Marker was unveiled a lot of them trekked off to another trail. Once we were committed there was no turning back. You could see that we had a core group of extreme four wheelers. It was quite a trail with some awesome lines. It even included some of the old A.R.C.A competition climbs that many of you experienced in the old days of competition rock crawling. We started at the graffiti bowl and immediately dropped in. Right off the bat it was an incredibly challenging trail. Fortunately there was only one lay over and one broken hub. I think it will become a very established trail. I have included some pictures for your liking!!!

4 Corners 4×4 Show and Swap

The Show and Swap went off with a bang. I quit counting at about two thousand people. Allen Elmore, Steve Melloy, and I threw this event. It was a Cliffhangers 4 wheel drive club event that was thrown to re-coop some of the money we spent consulting for land use. Had we not done this I am afraid we would be going down the same path we were with the BLM. The Ultra 4 guys that were there said that we had a bigger showing and more people than the event in Reno.
Regardless of how we did all of the vendors want in for next year. We had a lot! We had vendors come from out of the area like Jimmy's 4×4 and Moab 4×4 Outpost also known as M40. There were some great vendors from here like Fast Lane Hobbies, Browns Fabrication, Truck Treats, Mr. Mobile, Family First Chiropractic, just to name a few. Randy would fire up the Pro Class 2 race truck to get people excited. It doesn't take much with this crowd because they are all so deep into the parts and rigs. I was just an amazing turn out for the first year!
We also had a swap department where even the Jeep dealer (Steve Melloy's Dealership) brought all kinds of parts. Some of the people in the swap area were priced just right and some wanted to make money. The people that were priced did well. you can guess how the guys that wanted to make a lot of money or sell their products for profit did. We even had a vendor in the swap area. 4 Corners 4×4 was there just selling used parts and a truck. Allen and I didn't get to check out the swap parts because we were working hard to keep everything balanced.

There was a very large turn out for show vehicles. I think we had around seventy show vehicles that were not vendors. Allen, Spencer, and I had a difficult time judging because they were all so good. Allen had bought a lot of trophies for the show. Next year we will have a peoples choice so that we can retain them for more than just an hour. You never know they may see something they like and venture over to a vendor or a swap trailer to get some ideas.
As far as competitions go we had a lot going on. We just needed to spread it out so that one competition didn't spill into another. The R/C Comp got a lot of attention and I have been hearing about it since the show. Good Job Cody!!! The flex competition had everyone stacked up around the RTI ramp. Our winning RTI index was 1119. Steve Nantz brought the Outlaw rig they built for a customer and it won by one point. Shawn Rants Sr. came in one point behind and it took three passes each to get to the final decision. Danny and Didi did an excellent job keeping it organized, flowing smoothly, and calculated. Thanks guys for your hard work!
All in all it went over very well. Next year we will get all of our numbers together and will shoot higher. I would like to see some national vendors like Super Lift, Master Pull, or even my guys at Superchips. The Mopar display would be nice as well because the whole thing is wrapped around the Jeep dealer. T&T Customs would be cool to have as well. They would certainly have to enter a couple in the show. I have been very impressed with their attention to detail. It will happen next year and we will be working on it starting in the first quarter of 2012. Thank you to everyone that came out and to all of the great people that helped with this event. This is an amazing area and it is time to bring the big shows back to Farmington.

Canyon Clean Up Fall 2011

Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic is what we learn in school. What we don't learn is common sense… if you have to dump go to the land fill!!! As we turn to the fall each year we meet up with our local BLM Field Office to clean up the Glade. It boggles my mind that people can't drive an extra five miles to go to the dump. Since we have idiots that can't make it there we head out to clean up after them. Allen and I took out his Jeep and met up with Nick and his wife early on in the day. We made a great team. Mattresses, TVs, and fridges went in the truck. All of the filled bags made it into the Jeep. There looked to be about three hundred people that came out to help. We also saw lots of mice hiding in trash as well as a Rattle Snake! The BLM supplied trash bags, tools, and support to everyone that came out. This is one day where all of the user groups have a unified goal. As we pulled up at 8am the entrance was already littered with trucks, Jeeps, and cars. We lined up to sign in and we were off and running. Allen had a target area where there were some mattresses. On the way we found a very littered shooting area (which is illegal in the Glade). People just bring out what ever they can to shoot. When they are done they leave it all behind for us to clean up. We called in for a truck, but couldn't get one and that is where we ran into Nick and his wife.
 The BLM has worked very well with the Cliffhangers Jeep club here in Farmington. We used to meet up with coffee and donuts get our trash bags and we were off. It was normal to see about twenty inmates sweeping the main road. One of the local judges and I are going to be working together to get them back out for clean ups. Another thing that my dad organized was a City graffiti truck. When clean up time came around the truck would hit the graffiti in the Glade real hard. A lot of things have changed! No more tractors coming out to dig out abandoned cars, no more wreckers dragging the cars out, no more graffiti trucks, or even inmates sweeping the main road. We have fallen short in my eyes. The efforts of all of the user groups including the most local have also fallen short. This weekend there were three hundred people, there could have been two or three times that amount.
There are some areas where action and enforcement are a factor. These focuses are the High School party people who care to use the Glade but don't care to clean it up. The Glade is littered with party spots where palates are burned, bottles are broken, and anything else that resembles trash is left behind. On the other hand our transfer stations are charging to dump in our rural areas. Even worse the transfer station's long distance number encourages people to dump their construction trash in rural areas like the Glade. I recently met the head coach of one of our high schools when he was dumping construction trash at one of the entrances. He claimed that he didn't know we had a county land fill. These are things we are up against and one of the BLM Rangers and I are going to report on this and take it to the county commission. Hopefully we can fix these issues.
At the end of the day Conoco Phillips provided lunch from Spare Rib BBQ. If you are into BBQ and have not had a meal there… you have to go! We all got together and told stories about our day. Around the table you could here about the oddities seen in the glade. I was glad to see the turn out, because it seemed like we didn't have the notice to bring out the masses. We will bring this back!!! The Cliffhangers need to start sponsoring a spring clean up once a year. That is how dad did it and that is how we will get it done next year. I will shoot for the inmates and ask for the graffiti removal truck so that we can make the impact that we used to. Thank you to all who participated.

4x4tricks Rick

THETEAMJason Kaminsky and Richard Jenkins with Four fc4x4incarCorners 4×4 recently returned from their participation in the W.E.R.O.C.K Dirt Riot Offroad Endurance race held on June 15th.   The event took place at Ram Off Road Park located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The course consisted of a little over three miles worth of sandy jumps, tight turns, and high-speed sections along with a few rock crawling obstacles. DSC_0037

 “This wasn’t an easy race,” reflects Kaminsky.  “This was a race of attrition.  At one point all five vehicles in our class were temporarily out due to mechanical issues.  Those who were able to get fixed quickly and return to racing took home the trophies.”  Dirt Riot Endurance racing follows a strict “No-Chase” policy.  No outside assistance is allowed, so JasonfixKaminsky and his co-driver had to hike back to the pits for tools and parts to repair their broken wheel studs.  In the end they completed four laps in the fastest time.  The winner completed five laps.

Kaminsky has been in the running for the Dirt Riot National Points Championship this year and this weekend’s second place finish widened his first-place overall points lead.  This podium finish follows up a first place finish (along with a Central Series title) two weeks prior in Fredericksburg, JasonairTexas.

fc4x41The Four Corners crew is looking forward to attending their final Dirt Riot Endurance Race of the season to be held in Cortez, Colorado on July 6th.  For more information on the upcoming event, go to: http://www.werocklive.com.FC4x4moab

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Jason Kaminsky
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To all who love Chokecherry Canyon and love to wheel there,

We are in need of your help!!! Here is what we figured out when he went to the BLM public meeting. Below you will find the information leading to that meeting. We have a comment to submit and need your name, address, and email to add to our comment or if you have any questions.

“I learned they couldn’t answer my questions with anything intelligent.

I asked why we needed to change the management plan. They said there were problems with the current plan. I asked what the current plan was, they said the 2003 RMP. I asked what about the 2006 TMP, two different people said they never heard of it. I asked if why we’re doing a new plan if we’re updating the 03. All I got was there are problems with the 03.

I learned they know you. I asked if they have all the Cliffhanger Trails inventoried, they said that’s on their list to do and that Rick had given them some of the trails. Almost like she expected me to know who Rick was. I didn’t say that I knew you, so I assume that they infer that everyone who wheels knows Rick Jenkins 🙂

I asked why they were closing roads in the RMZ3 area and how asked they could physically close those roads. They didn’t have an answer so the went on about how they had to inventory all the roads and some they didn’t want to maintain. They don’t maintain anything. I asked how I would even be able tell what road was closed. They didn’t know.

I asked about the Quiet area RMZ1. I asked on guy what the idea was behind it. I asked how people would know what the boundary is. I asked how they would keep people in Farmington from driving their quad or motorcycle out their back door right through the quiet zone to the Glade. He said he didn’t know. I told him it’s not quiet there are compressors and oil and gas roads, it can’t be quiet. They guy told me he felt the same way about it.

I asked why Alt A and B have a similar description, but have different impacts. They didn’t know, I should write that down or ask Janelle.

I told Janelle that I was concerned that they had not inventoried the Cliffhanger trails. I told her that people can’t determine the impact of the change without knowing where the trails are. I also told her that I had some of the cliffhanger trails mapped. She asked me to contact her to setup a time to sit down and discuss the maps.”

We have been going through this process just to find the BLM plagiarizing an EA in Colorado. Our suggestion is to go back to the 2003 RMP which was never put into action but had a fully approved FONSI.

As discussed in the past we have been going through a Resource management plan “Renovation”. The whole reason for this was rising conflicts in the glade. We have a document from the Sheriffs office Stating for themselves and the BLM ranger that there has been one incident in the glade to date. A gentleman with a bicycle purposely rolled his bike in front of an ATV. The bicyclist then reported to the Sheriff that he had been run over by the ATV. We have multiple witnesses of this event and we are trying to find the video of it. Who knew this would cause the situation we are in now.

The Cliff Hangers Four Wheel Drive Club has paid Pan Pacific Services for Jim Cooper or “Coop” to attended most of the meetings with us to keep the BLM in line. He has done very well. This cost the club a lot, but it was well worth it. We need to get Names, Addresses, and Email addresses of individuals to go with our comment to be submitted by the 5th of April. I would like to have this in no later then the 3rd. The more we have the better the impact.

The BLM has put together an EA that really wasn’t from this area for this go around. I guess you could say that they have used a copy and past from an EA out of Colorado. That being said our recommendation is to go back to the 2006 La Plata Managment plan which includes the 2003 RMP has a completed FONSI (finding of no significant impact). This plan wasted lots of tax dollars because it was never used or enforced. This plan helps all groups recreate in the Glade. The historical use here is amazing! Many of you have been here for Supercrawls or Invitationals. Some even attended the United Four Wheel Drive meeting here 20 years ago.

You can find the BLM information and proposal here: http://www.blm.gov/nm/st/en/prog/recreation/farmington/Glade_Run_Recreation_Area/grra_improvement_public.html

On the right hand side you will find many pages in the FONSI. You will also see the alternatives. When looking closer at these. The BLM seems to be justifying their jobs inside instead of going out and looking at the physical property, in fact it looks like they are using city records from the early 90s. Some of the roads that they are “closing” don’t even exist. Hopefully we can get back to the earlier EA that is written up correctly (this EA was never implemented).

If you can help please give me a shout message me your Name, Address, and Email address. I have to have this typed and attached to the formed 16 page comment that we submit.

Please help
Richard Jenkins
Vice President and Land Use Officer
Cliff Hangers Four Wheel Drive Club